Full stop

It may have become apparent to some readers that I have run out of steam, blogwise. I've begun to feel that this blog, though it has proven exceptionally handy with respect to the workshops I teach, has outlived its usefulness to me; I find that I would prefer to direct my efforts elsewhere. I come to that conclusion with with no small amount of regret, as I know that many of you have found these posts helpful. I thank you all for taking the time to say so, as it means that what I've written has done its job.

It sounds gloomy, but to my mind it's not so bad. Blogs are impermanent and unpredictable, just like the people who write them. Blogging isn't like writing a book, or keeping an archive. Despite the amount of text just sitting on it, bad and good, the internet has always been, foremost, about conversation. Conversations change. Conversations evolve. And they also stop.

I like the idea that if I stop, the door's always open for me to start again, if I want. I like that there's always a place for one more voice.* One day, maybe, I'll chime in again.

This blog won't disappear, though I'll likely yoink anything which doesn't fall into the "instructive" category. But don't expect to see new posts any time soon.

Thanks for reading. I'll be around. Most of you know where to find me, I expect.

Good wishes,



*Unless it's a whacko one, of course, but that's a thought for some other place and time, and possibly someone else.


spacedlaw said...

I protest, but I can't say I am particularly surprised...

Jess said...

I should think that you of all people would be least surprised. ;)

AletaMay said...

Thanks for leaving it up as a resource! I totally get the need to step away officially. Who knows what the future will bring, right?

Jess said...

Exactly! :) Thanks, Aleta.

EmilyLady said...

Well, Jess, I'm glad I happened to stop by.

Jess said...

Whoops! Sorry. I keep forgetting that I have comment moderation switched on.